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Offering charted original designs for dollhouse miniatures

You can stitch your own miniature rugs, carpets and pillow cushions in 1/12th scale. These original petitpoint designs include traditional and period rug and carpet charts for you to decorate your dollhouse or miniature scene. In addition to 1/12th scale petiitpoint charts, there are 1/4 scale rug or carpet charts available. Most of the pillows and cushions come in chart or kit form. Silk gauze is also available for stitching your petitpoint rugs, carpets, pillows and cushions.  Retired designers Lucy Iducovich and Anne Ritter are now selling their charts here.

Welcome to Frances Peterson Petitpoint

Please browse my site for miniature petitpoint charts. All charted designs are offered with color and symbols and include a color photograph of the finished stitched piece. No designs are sold unless I have stitched it first. The charts are designed to be stitched on silk gauze and include DMC color equivalents. The charts are available in either downloaded PDF form or mailed printed charts.

Lucy Iducovich and Anne Ritter were both IGMA Fellow Members and are retired. I am happy to be able to collaborate with them and keep their designs available.  I am also now offering charts by designer Carol Tannenbaum.

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